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You surround yourself with people who make you laugh.
Forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don't.
Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living."
José N. Harris

torsdag 29 juli 2010

Skitjävlasjukdom***Shit Illness

Vilken skitjävlasjukdom det här är! Sitter här och gråter efter att ha läst om L som fått återfall-cancerceller i skelettet. Får panik eftersom jag har så ont i höfterna och ryggen.***
What an awful shit illness this is. I am crying after reading about L that found out yesterday she has a relapse- cancer cells in her skeleton. I am panicing since I have such a heavy pain in my hips and back.

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Lisbet Lindell sa...

Ja vi är många som tänker på L och hur orättvist detta är... Skitcancer!!

Kramar till dej, /Lisbet

Viktoria sa...

Det är taxoteren som spökar i din kropp. Men om du är orolig tycker jag att du ska berätta om dina symptom för din doktor.

Jag är fortfarande jättestel, speciellt när jag ska resa mig upp från sittande. Att ta mig upp från golvet är nästan omöjligt.



Faye sa...

Breathe.....it's OK to be scared....even if you were to have a relapse it just means the fight is longer and tougher- not un obtainable. Take strength from all you have been through so far and all you have achieved- even thought it must feel like sometimes you want to give up and give in- you are so much stronger than you ever imagined and that strength will just increase as and when you might need it. We are all so much more resilient than we give ourselves credit for. And I have some good news....My nephew whent for his 'big and final' check up yesterday. He is cancer free. He will have a final discharge meeting in Novmeber and after that he will officially be in remission- it's strange that I actually don't feel like jumping from the ceiling...now I am worried that any abnormal cell activity will be missed as he will no longer be having weekly blood tests....after November the first time they will see him again for tests will be April 2011- I guess we have to trust that these oncologists know what they are doing and that this is normal procedure and all positive news...I guess there is no pleasing me!
Thinking of you and sending you all my strength and support- please send me your home address- I have a book I would like to send you :-)

Anonym sa...

JAg till och med drömmer att jag fått cancern tillbaka.
Har hosta nu och direkt tänker jag:
Inte nu igen.
Styrka till oss som har haft eller har.

Anonym sa...

Keep fighting!I know this is a long,painful and
terrible fight. It will take some time but you will beat it! Do not give up!!!!!! God is by your side holding your hand all the way. You may fall but He will help you up again and again and again.

All my support and prayers,

Big hug,